About us

About our logo:

The logo represents the journey of a pregnant woman from her pregnancy through to her baby’s arrival. This symbolizes “the journey is in every moment” – capturing the moments from bump to baby… The woman figure with her choice of clothing do present a “fit feel” representing a “fit and healthy mommy = a fit and healthy pregnancy / baby”

The colours of this logo have its own significance.

Green & Pink –

Green shade represents “new life”. Green is the colour of nature.
It symbolizes growth, freshness and fertility, it has a strong emotional correspondence with safety (the womb as protection for the baby)
Green symbolizes self-respect and well being. It is the colour of balance. Balance between body, mind and soul. It also means learning and harmony. (Learning to be a mommy and to be in harmony with your body and baby)

Pink is considered a colour of good health and life – we speak of people being “in the pink” or the “freshness” of a newborn baby. Pink provides feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth and acceptance.(Just as a mother would have for her baby.) Lastly, pink is symbolic for pure LOVE.

About Latascha:

I am Latascha, I’m the head Fitness & wellness Coach of Baby 2 Be & Beyond.

Who am I? I’m a qualified Sport and Exercise technologist,coached kids in swimming, gymnastics and athletics to name a few.

Soon realizing fitness is my passion. Being a dancer since the age of 3 years,Group training instructing was appealing, there after I found that one can combine dance and aerobics, where I competed in the sport called “Sports Aerobics”. Since 1999 I qualified myself in the Personal training field and instructed aerobics, body conditioning classes in fitness clubs and private studio’s.
Working in the fitness industry revolved me in training other people as a facilitator to become Personal Trainers, Group exercise instructors and Coaches.

I am a mom, who gained 15kg’s during both my pregnancies respectively and successfully lost all of it within four months of my kids birth. I have been in the Fitness Industry for the last fourteen years.

Obtaining a lot of experience in exercise for pre- and postnatal training, with my own two pregnancies. And as a qualified Sport and Exercise Technologist I specialized myself as a Maternity Fitness Expert.

Being in the health and fitness industry I was looking for a way to empower women / moms to be and current moms to find their own way to their optimal well-being.
My passion to work with people, take memorable photographs and be fit and healthy was the birth of this website and my business.

During my pregnancy and the time after, I was keen to keep fit and preferably around other moms who were going through the same experience as myself, having a newborn, having a toddler still want to find balance between Body, Mind and Soul. Sadly this was not offered in my area, which is why I decided to start Baby 2 Be and Beyond at the beginning of 2012.

Being a busy mom of two children, I’d like to share the ups and the downs (emotionally), fitness and nutritional advice and much more… with “first time moms” and anyone interested in advice or services that is offered through Baby 2 Be & Beyond.

Currently I’m presenting group fitness classes for Pregnancy via the PreggiBellies program run in Durban Umhlanga, Stroller fitness and Mommy makeover Fitness classes in Durban North area.

Pursuing the purpose of a Wellness coach for Women from pregnancy and beyond for weight loss or to maintain good health.

Combining passions: Wellness, Fitness and Photography is a real privilege and I hope to help the women coming in contact with me to make them feel loved, supported & inspired .

Yours in Pregnancy and Beyond,