Baby 2 Be specializes in maternity (pre- and postnatal) fitness, wellness and photography. Specializing in Fitness during pregnancy we do Exercise for Pregnancy via the POP fit program for Pre and postnatal moms in Virgina Active (La Lucia)Durban Umhlanga

Photography for pregnant mom and her baby, from Babyshowers to Newborn shoots in the Durban area.

Baby 2 Be focuses on helping women to achieve constant improvement in order to attain their goals in all dimensions of their physical well-being.

Baby 2 Be offers Wellness coaching for Women from pregnancy and beyond for maintaining good health through your pregnancy to weight loss after baby.

  • Prenatal Fitness and Nutrition guidance to continue exercising and maintaining good health through your pregnancy
  • Postpartum Nutrition workshop – loosing the weight after baby
  • Guidance for Healthy eating for breastfeeding moms
  • Infant and Toddler Nutrition